maio 22, 2017

How I Got My Prom Dress To Wear At The Party

Yesterday I got up my bed early and eat a hearty breakfast. I was so excited because me and mom are going out to buy my very first prom dress! I used to hear about prom parties from my 2 older sisters, but I want experience this for myself. And now that this day is going to come, I should come prepare and make myself look beautiful for this evening.

We got to the mall early and went to the boutique were most of my friends are buying their dresses. I just can’t wait to pick out the right dress for me and look at the mirror wearing it. But to my dismay I have tried several dresses already and nothing seems to fit right… So me and my mom decided to give up on this idea and look for my dress someplace else. Fortunately, one of my sisters called and I told her about my troubles in finding a dress for the prom party. She told me that finding the right dress won’t have to be a hassle for all I need is to point and click. What? At first I was not able to get her point, but then I figured out that she was telling me to find my dress online as she did before. So we went back home and immediately went in front of my computer. I tried to search for websites that are offering prom gowns and dresses at a very affordable price and I came across this site called TheGreenGuide. The prom dresses I saw on the internet were nothing compared to the collections they are offering on this site alone. They offer all sorts of styles and most especially, I love red prom dresses on their site. I went on finding my dress right away and have decided to focus on these four choices:

I even showed these pics to my mom and my 2 sisters so that they can also share their opinions as to which will me the appropriate dress to wear for the evening. I found a plus size dress for my mom and she was very happy with the dress. It seemed that they have a unanimous decision for me as they all point out to the red colored dress. They chose this for me because it flirty but too revealing and at the same time sleek and formal-looking.

Now, I’m on my way to the prom party and looking forward in having a real great time. Thanks to my sister and to the green guide for if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have found the perfect prom dress for me.


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