Are you interested in collaborating with "Flor de Maracujá"?

If the answer is yes, remember that the following points are just threads, if you have other ideas or questions, contact me for

So, see my options:

1. Including your product in my outfits
You can to send me an item, which will be incorporated into one of my outfits, properly identified in my description. In addiction, I will share them in other social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Google + and YouTube. 

2. Product supply
You can also to offer at my readers a suitable item of your choice. I will do a featured post including pictures, information about the product and select a random winner to receive the prize. 

3. Exclusive discounts for my readers
If the option of sponsored giveaways doesn't attract you, there's always the option of offering an exclusive online discount-code for my readers at your store. I will do a post that would inform my readers of the discount and, I would include a description of your site, links, pictures of items I recommend, etc.

4. Paying for add space or posts with links
More details contact me for my e-mail.

Remember, which one of the options can be used in conjunction with another. I feel the right to not accept any collaborations that I do not find appropriate or relevant to me and my readers. And, I will only give genuine reports, for I think this is better for both.